Ipswich Borough Clock


Ipswich Borough ClockThree chain chiming fusee bracket clock presented to the Regiment by the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Ipswich in 1948 on the occasion of its being granted the Freedom of the Borough.


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Following the example of Bury St Edmunds (in 1944) the County Borough of Ipswich bestowed the Freedom of Entry into the Borough on the Suffolk Regiment on 5 June 1948. The ceremony took place in Christchurch Park.  The Suffolk Regiment Gazette reported that


The weather was moderately kind, but the attendance of the general public was not large. Perhaps they did not realise the significance of the occasion, or possibly they reserved their real welcome for the march through the town itself.  Detachments from a regular contingent and from the 4th Battalion escorted the Colours of the Battalion.


After the troops had been inspected by Brigadier E H W Backhouse, the Colonel of the Regiment, and the Mayor of Ipswich, the latter handed the Brigadier a framed illuminated scroll and the bracket clock, a present from the Borough to the Officers’ Mess.


The ceremony was followed by a march through the town by the troops on parade and ex-servicemen, where the Lord Lieutenant, the Earl of Stradbroke, took the salute.


The clock is a three chain chimney fusee bracket clock with a four bell Westminster chime and an eight bell modified St Michael chime. It was manufactured around 1900 by J C Jennens and Son of Great Sutton Street, London.

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