Embroidered Badge of the Suffolk Regiment


Embroidered Badge of the Suffolk Regiment

Badge of the Suffolk Regiment embroidered by ‘Will’ and sent home to his mother from Egypt, where he was serving with the 5th Battalion during the Great War.


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When Gallipoli was evacuated in December 1915 the 5th Battalion the Suffolk Regiment (one of the Regiment’s three Territorial Battalions) was transferred to Egypt.


They were based initially in Cairo but moved in March 1916 to the Suez Canal where they spent the rest of the year guarding bridge and rail heads. In February 1917 they marched into Palestine to take on the Turkish army. After two unsuccessful attempts, in February and March, they captured Gaza at the third attempt in December 1917, although at the cost of over 150 casualties.


Sadly we do not know the identity of ‘Will’, the soldier who produced this embroidered memento of his time in the Near East; it was common practice to produce these pieces of work while overseas, often using a template, both as a means of whiling away spare time and as something to send home to the family.

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