Pennant of the Selangor Club


Selangor Club Pennant

Pennant of the Selangor (now the Royal Selangor) Club in Kuala Lumpur, presented to the 1st battalion in July 1951 to mark their having killed one hundred communist terrorists.


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The Selangor Club (The Royal Selangor Club since 1984) was a social club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, founded in 1884 by the British as a meeting place for educated and high ranking members of colonial society. It was popularly known as the ‘Spotted Dog’ or simply the ’Dog’. It was destroyed by fire in 1971 but rebuilt on the same site in 1980.


The Suffolk Regiment Gazette reported in its Autumn 1951 issue:


‘As appreciation from a civilian for the Battalion’s efforts to end the emergency in Malaya and to mark the reaching of 100 bandits, a party for officers and wives was give at the Selangor Club by Mr A T Edgar. Planters in the battalion’s area were also present and the Battalion received many congratulations’ – including, presumably this pennant now in the Suffolk Regiment Museum.


The Battalion had been in Malaya for two years; its final haul of 198 Communist Terrorist bandits killed was the highest of any Battalion in Malaya during the Emergency.

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